Imagining the Future of Social Services 19-22 May

Full programme of events and booking information available here:

Monday, 19 May, 2014 – Thursday, 22 May, 2014
Where: Pearce Institute and the Galgael Trust, Govan

What will 2025 look like in Scotland and what will the implications be for the social
services workforce?

There is no reason to expect Scotland’s social services in 2025 to look the same
as they do today. In the coming years we can anticipate continued moves towards
community-based support. What impact will that have on communities and how might
the nature of support change over the coming years?

In partnership with Govan Folk University and the Galgael Trust the Imagining the Future
team have been invited to host a series of creative events in Govan to explore aspirations
for the future from a locality perspective and to think critically about the changes that
need to be made now and in the coming years.

All events are free to attend and a warm welcome awaits!